What Is Sexual Energy?

So we spent a great deal of our time and energy on producing hormones, producing semen/eggs, spending mental energy on fantasizing about sex and women.

All this combined “desire”, that urge, is called “sexual energy”.

When re-directed, this energy can lead to great productive and creative achievements that can lift us up as human species.

Many human advances (most?) have originated for our hunger for sex.

Patchen barss – on the cover of his book “The Erotic Engine” – argues that ;

“From cave painting to photography to the internet, pornography has always been at the cutting edge in adopting and exploiting new developments in mass communication. And in so doing, it has helped to promote and propel those developments in ways that are rarely acknowledged. Without pornography, the internet would not have grown so quickly.


The e-commerce payment systems that are now commonplace would be at a far more primitive stage security and usability. Without video streaming software developed for pornography sites, CNN would be struggling to deliver news clips. Without advertising from sex sites, Google could not have afforded YouTube.”

Sex gets shit done.

And let’s face it; there’s no motivation greater for a man to try something new if it involves getting his needs met. It allowed new technology to improve & survive the early developing days and become cheaper and more portable over time so it can become available to the mainstream.

So, what’s the problem?

We’re not directing this power, we’re wasting it.

There are two main problems I’ve seen: Excessive masturbation & watching pornography.

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